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The Shooter

by George Daranyi Right about now You are asking Again Who is this shooter? Who is this boy? Who the hell is he? Who is he, really? I have heard it said He is a monster, a crazy monster Well, let me tell you who he is: He is...

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The Time Stamp

I turn 65 this summer, if not a convenient act certainly symbolic. A life of high drama is running its final lap and the flowers in my garden are a constant reminder all living things have a season. My work has taken me into the...

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I was a husky child

by Peter B. Perkins A husky child, that was me.  Ample.  Hefty.  Beefy. In that by-gone time, children were a non-descript, average-size.  On the other hand, I was conspicuous, distinct. My separation from the preponderance of...

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Who we are

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