by Steve Norcross

When I was a kid, I feared powerful men. Now upon reflection, my fear was based on observations that were real. In the world I grew up in, many men were powerful to the extent that they were dominant if not domineering over members of their families. Their work tended toward the competitive, and their life styles were punctuated by alcohol and a love of high contact sports.

Since then, I have come to appreciate power in new and much more human ways. The truly powerful men in my life have these characteristics.

Powerful men protect Unlike the false description of powerful men of my childhood, the man of power today protects those who, because of nature or level of ability, are weaker. The so-called powerful man of my childhood exploited and abused the earth. Today’s man of power protects the earth, even and especially when he may forgo convenience and favor with the establishment.

Powerful men love with heart, soul, mind, and strength. The man of power uses both his head and his emotions in his decisions and in his dealings with those in his life. The man of power does not hesitate to weep with those who weep, laugh with those who laugh. He will oppose oppression through his actions and through his influence.

Powerful men are constantly growing in their knowledge of the world and of their leadership within it. They are not afraid to fall back sometimes, allowing others to take the lead, for by being faithful followers they are showing wisdom.

I am glad to have discovered that men of genuine power are not to be feared, but are to be honored


SteveNorcross Steve Norcross is an Episcopal priest, the director of pastoral services at William Temple House, and the Priest-in-Charge at Ascension Parish. He is married with two grown children and a granddaughter on the way. His blog is at