by Jim Mitchell

Transformation occurs when previously unaligned forces come together at a precise moment with enough impact to head, heart, body, and soul that it provokes a noticeable and undeniable positive shift or change in an individual, team, group, culture or company.

That shift can bring us to greater alignment with our true nature, our authentic selves and our mature state.

Transformation at a fundamental level is a massive awareness shift in the deep psyche that sees forward and backwards in our lifeline at the same time.

It sees what we have been that hasn’t served us and rejects it. We give up the denial, delusional, and fantasy we have utilized to hold on to a false state or way of being.

It also sees what we could be if we’re willing to do the hard work of changing and how that could bring us greater joy and blessing.

And it sees all the hard work of changing ahead.

Transformation is a dynamic dance and the “precise moment” invites them onto the dance floor. It can begin in the brain. In the heart. In the body. In the soul. Wherever the transformational seed germinates, it will grow into all the other areas mentioned almost immediately.

Telling our stories can be an important catalyst for change. Telling one’s own experience from the ‘kishkas’ works to change those hidden places to discover truth in the telling. Hearing the authentically told stories of others can have the same impact..

A ‘transformation window’ opens in the brain for some and in the body for others. What’s important is that we immediately have to leverage it if we want to change to be permanent. That “opening” in the deep psyche can be fleeting if we don’t immediately ground it in a set of persistent, new behaviors that take us towards the awareness shift.

We start ‘tying’ new behaviors to that opening. We start getting new insights as we envision those behaviors and the impacts that will have on us, our relationships and our lives. We start seeing possibilities we had have not seen before. Hope begins to rise from deep within us.

If we do this, the transformation can become permanent.

If we don’t leverage that window while it’s open, it will close and the opportunity for significant transformation will be lost. It may not happen immediately but in short order the transformative effect will diminish until it’s gone and we’re pretty much the same as we were before the transformational “strike”.

NOTE: A group of fellow facilitators of transformation and I ‘wrote’ this article through a live ‘conversation’ on Facebook.  Thank you Carl Foster, Dr. Linda Larkey, Daniel McCoy and George Daranyi for your contributions.