by Brandon Peele
Since the beginning of history, humans have had a deep relationship to their life’s purpose, and sought to gift future generations with this message, weaving purpose into art, philosophy, literature and religions.  Our ancestors who heeded the call of purpose, who made their life’s purpose central, reached unheralded levels of achievement, fulfillment and spiritual realization.
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This gallery of 40 purpose quotes is only the tip of the iceberg for what is out there. Leaders of all kinds from throughout history have arrived at a similar place … KNOWING and LIVING from a deep sense of purpose is key to feeling fulfillment, significance, and belonging.

Brandon Peele

Brandon Peele is the Founder of The EVR1 Institute, and co-Teacher of the Man on Purpose Course, a powerful 7-week LIVE online course that connects men to their life’s purpose.  Brandon is a co-author of the Purpose Activation Blueprint (, a free workbook that helps men build the life and world they want.