by Snake Bloomstrand
We are raising a generation of armored children. “Don’t talk to strangers,” we warn and for good reason. The polar bears are dying! – Black lives matter – Leaders are not to be trusted – and lets not neglect the daily wave of tragedy washing across countless screens at the swipe of a child’s finger.
There are endless reasons for a child to armor-up and we encourage it. I’m a fan of armor God knows we all need it. As the evil witch in OZ once said, “It’s a wicked, wicked world!”
But is armor enough? I believe we must arm the children.
A certain 4 year old often arrives at my house with a 3 foot foam sword tucked down the back of his shirt; fully equipped in case “bad guys” show up. I don’t have the heart to tell him his foam sword will fail. Instead I’ve been introducing him to superior weaponry.
Most shy away from the notion of arming children but I’m an advocate.
Not exactly weapons mind you. Historically guns and knives in the hands of armored children never play out well for humanity.
We must arm our children with compassion, respect and forgiveness. Someday they may need to turn bad guys into allies. Armed with loyalty, courage and determination they can discover the reward that comes from selfless service.
Armed with discernment, sound judgment and firm boundaries they can protect the vulnerable. Truth, dignity, honor……………….
Fact is, as we sleep wolves roam our world and a child needs more than armor. A child needs superior weaponry. – Snake


Craig “Snake” Bloomstrand is a Certified Leader in the ManKind Project, and a self-described ‘Social Adventurer.’ He is a founding member of the Minnesota MKP Community.