by Boysen Hodgson
It is not easy or comfortable to overcome cultural stereotypes of masculinity. “Out of Our Heads” is a film about ‘Men’s Work’ similar to that offered by the ManKind Project. Men’s work is about reclaiming the disowned emotion, connection, spirit, and vulnerability that we, as a culture, have made taboo. Generations of rigid enforcement of male roles … the ‘guy code’ … often leaves men unequipped and unable to tackle the deepest issues in their lives. Our experience in the ManKind Project is that it is only through this deep soul work that men begin to manifest the full potential of who they can be in the world: as partners and husbands, as fathers, friends, and citizens.
The film was made in collaboration with the Men’s Wisdom Council, a men’s retreat that has been happening in New England since 1993. The film was produced by Leo Horrigan, a long-time participant of the Men’s Wisdom Council, and Allen Moore. Allen Moore is an accomplished filmmaker and cinematographer who has worked on numerous Ken Burns documentaries, including The Civil War.
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I had the opportunity to speak with Leo Horrigan and Sparrow Hart (one of the co-founders of the Men’s Wisdom Council) about the film and the larger context of men’s emotional work and culture.
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Right now – the creators of this film are completing a KickStarter campaign to support the promotion and release of the film. Please help.